4 Reasons Why Females Love The Chase

Thought Catalog

Let’s face it; most of us girls have been interested in a man – regardless if he was our type or not – because he was playing hard to get. I have witnessed this to be especially prevalent in young women these days; women can’t seem to get enough of chasing men around in circles. I have narrowed down the list I compiled this morning at 3 am, down to just five reasons why I think females love the chase. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t think any of the things I listed below are necessarily bad, they’re just my personal observations.

1. They’re bored

I’ll admit it; I am guilty of this one. When my favorite TV show ends for the season and my pantry is full of gluten free crackers, hell-to-the-yes, I look for some excitement.

2. They think they can’t get rejected because they’re hot shit

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