15 Traits Of A Hopeless Romantic

Thought Catalog

1. Each time you go out in public, a part of you expects that this will be the day you’ll meet the person you’re going to marry. You know it’s crazy, but you’re still ready for it, and the prospect of it excites you more than anything in the world.

2. You get overly sentimental about moments in your past, even moments that were really, really terrible.

3. You’re always on the lookout for new songs, movies, TV shows and YouTube clips that make you cry, because you love and seek out that feeling of your face slowly melting.

4. Kissing is your favorite thing. Cuddling is a close second. Sex is a distant third. When you’re single, the first two are what you miss the most.

5. You love and appreciate your friends more than anything, and you hope they remember this each time a new relationship starts and…

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