The 40 Biggest Teen Heartthrobs Of The 90s

Thought Catalog

Now before you say I’m not qualified to put together such a list, let me defend myself. I was a teenager in the ‘90s, which meant every girl I dated or tried to date was comparing me to the pages of Tiger Beat Magazine. I heard all about them nonstop from all of my friends and my sister, so if there’s anyone with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to who was hot in the ‘90s, it’s me. Here are the 40 biggest teen heartthrobs of that decade.

40.  Jaleel White (As Stefan)

39. David Charvet

38. Zachery Ty Bryan

37. Sean Patrick Thomas

36. Breckin Meyer

35. Richard Greico

34. JC Chasez

33. Jason Priestley

32. Joey Lawrence

31. James Van Der Beek

30. Edward Furlong

29. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

28. John Stamos

27. Lance Bass

26. Brian Littrell

25. Mario Lopez

24. Chris O’Donnell

23. Kirk Cameron


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