19 Reasons Why Being A Late Bloomer Made You A Better Person

Thought Catalog

Whether you sprouted boobs in college, didn’t drop your voice until 16, or lost your virginity in your 20s — you’re better for having done things behind schedule.

1. You are fully aware of how cruel your peers can be when they feel like you’re not doing something fast enough, and will therefore never be that mean to someone else, even if you think they’re developing slowly.

2. You had to build anticipation for the things you wanted, especially when there was pressure on you to get them, so you know how to be patient.

3. You know that someone is not defined by the milestones they have and haven’t hit by a certain age. Even if someone is still, say, a virgin, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to have a real relationship and care for their partner.

4. Definitions of “the right time” to do just…

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