8 Genuine Things You Can Do To Brighten Someone’s Day

Thought Catalog

It is inevitable that there will be days that the ones you care about will be feeling down. Often, we feel like we must aggressively make sure that they’re okay or do something elaborate to lift their spirits. It is not necessary to throw a large party or elaborate scavenger hunt to make someone feel better. Below are eight easy, genuine ways to make the ones you love feel better during times of melancholy.

  1. Buy them a cup of coffee- It doesn’t have to be a venti triple no foam skim latte from Starbucks, it can be just a cup of coffee from the gas station down the street from your apartment. Just showing someone you care enough to remember whether they like cream or their coffee black will show them you truly listen and care about their needs and wants. Plus, who doesn’t love caffeine?!
  2. Take them to pet an…

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