21 Ways To Look Hot

Thought Catalog

These are scientifically proven, age-defying beauty tricks to give you that healthy glow you’ve always wanted! Proven methods, by proven beauty experts, that you won’t find in Cosmo.
(And by “proven” I mean extremely dubious)

1. Bathe Yourself In Baby Powder

I discovered this gold mine while I was working in retail. I used to sneak into the dressing rooms with the sample bottle of the dry shampoo the store sold and douse my hair in that stuff. But the anxiety of snatching the sample when no managers were looking my way, coupled with the actual fetid odor of the stuff, compelled me to look for an alternative. And I’m so thankful that it did. Because not only is baby powder cheaper than dry shampoo, but the consistency is also softer and doesn’t make your hair feel like it’s growing out of a horse’s ass.

2. Smoke A Joint In…

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