20 Kid Things That Absolutely Never Get Old

Thought Catalog

1. Building forts. What used to be for playing war and house is now the basis on which all those glamping Pinterest boards are created. And let’s be honest, is there anything more #hip or awesome than building a pillow and sheet fort to like, drink and have sex under? Probably not.

2. “Kid” food like chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs and happy meals. If you are past your early to mid twenties and that hasn’t been a staple of your diet for at least a few months at a time please call me because I’d like to know how you have your life so together.

3. Showing your parents your good grades and basking in their showers of love and adoration while hiding your bad grades from them and pretending they never came. Apply this as a metaphor to almost every aspect of post-grad life.

4. That feeling when…

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